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Cull your clients' favorite images from the bunch with a single click.
Compare similar images side-by-side to choose the very best for your clients' products.
Design wall galleries at exactly the right size, on your clients' own walls.
Sell your favorite books, albums, small prints and other non wall art products as add-ons.
Check out, commission-free, with our fully-integrated cart system.

7 Days to Your First Wall Art Sale

A free challenge for photographers who are ready to make prints, not files.

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Say "goodbye" to guessing

Sell more wall art than ever before by showing your clients their photos on their walls, at exactly the right size.

"I'm finally feeling confident about selling wall art to clients because I can actually show them how awesome it will look on their walls! I'm feeling so confident in fact that I'm redesigning my website to market myself as a wall gallery photographer...and I have Swift Galleries to thank for this!"
Amanda W.
Seattle, wa
Amanda sold enough in a single sale to cover 58 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
Our place, or yours?

Upload your clients' rooms or use one of ours, absolutely free.

Upload and calibrate your clients' room photos with just a few clicks to show their photos on their own walls at exactly the right size. Don't have a room photo from your client? No problem - just use any of our 50 included (and stunning) room photos without paying a penny extra for more rooms.

introducing product bundles

Start selling your favorite products in the next 15 minutes.

Tired of signing up for new tools just to spend the next week getting it set up? Product Bundles are for you.

Sign up for a free trial with one of our Product Bundles and you'll get:

All of the included products in the bundle you choose, automatically installed and ready to sell.
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Every feature, on all of your devices, with no need to purchase additional licenses and nothing to install.
everything you sell, all in one place

But you want to sell more than just wall art... right?

Add-ons in our In-Person Sales flow give you the ability to sell every product you offer - albums, books, small prints, digital files, press printed cards, you name it - all in Swift Galleries.

"If you're not using Swift Galleries, you're not just missing out on print sale opportunities, you're also missing out on an opportunity to create an exceptional client experience that will give you an edge over other photographers."
Allie S.
East Lansing, MI
Allie sold enough in a single sale to cover 7 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!

Yeah, it'll work on your iMac.

Design on your iMac, sell from your Android tablet and check your stats from your Windows phone. Swift Galleries just works - across all of your devices and operating systems with nothing to install, free automatic updates and no additional licenses to purchase.

Nothing to install
Works on all devices
Free updates
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"My first experience using Swift Galleries with a client from beginning to end tripled my average sale!! I look forward to continued success and improving sales using Swift!"
Tara Krauss
Parker, co
Tara sold enough in a single sale to cover 4 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"Such a great tool, and easy to use, to help my clients visualise their pictures on their OWN walls. It makes it so much easier for me to sell and for my clients to buy wall art. My clients love it! And when they do - I do!!!"
Bjørg de Meza Espersen
Hørsholm, Denmark
Bjørg sold enough in a single sale to cover 14 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"I use Swift Galleries at every reveal sales meeting. All my clients love the ability to see their portraits displayed and have lots of fun moving their images in and out of the gallery suggestions that I create for them. I sell a lot of frame collections so I have added all of those to my templates and designing a gallery wall for each of my clients is quick, easy and incredibly effective."
Janet Taub
New milford, ct
Janet sold enough in a single sale to cover 11 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"Sales have gone way up since using Swift Galleries. Especially when I hand over control to the client to build their own gallery, they always go beyond budget!"
Rachell Jordan
Huntsville, AL
Rachell sold enough in a single sale to cover 10 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"With my first official sales session using the Swift Galleries software, my sales session brought results!! My sales session generated a $1,000+ order, then my second one again generated a $1200 order. When I use the software, my Sales earnings are amazing. Amounts that impress me and put me in my happy place!!! I couldn't be happier with my decision to invest in this software!!"
Rochelle Hoeger
dyersville, ia
Rochelle sold enough in a single sale to cover 8 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"My print sales tripled this year, AND I was able to make a few thousand extra dollars from wedding clients after their weddings by showing them what their photos would look like arranged on their walls."
Allie Siarto
East lansing, mi
Allie sold enough in a single sale to cover 7 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"I'm new to Swift Galleries and I absolutely love being able to show clients samples of their photos on their walls. People are visual and this is a fantastic tool!"
Marla White
Wokingham, berkshire
Marla sold enough in a single sale to cover 7 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
"Swift Galleries was a game changer for my business! It's easy to design gorgeous wall art galleries that my clients LOVE and a great way to serve my clients. Thank you!"
Jen Bauldree
raleigh, nc
Jen sold enough in a single sale to cover 6 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!

7 Days to Your First Wall Art Sale

You're ready to start selling prints instead of files, but you have no idea where to start, right? Well, you've come to the right place!

Over just 7 short days, this challenge will take you from completely clueless to your first wall art sale! And it won't cost you a single penny.

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