This is Why You Never Finish What You Start

Wondering why it's so hard to finish a project, even if you were crazy-excited about it when you started? It's not you, it's psychology...

If you're anything like me, you're excited to jump into a new project.

But then something happens...

You get bored with it.

It gets hard.

It's not as shiny and new.

You think there's probably a better/faster/easier way.

So you quit or move on, never finishing that project or course or big life change you were once so excited about.

What the crap is that all about???

Turns out, you're not alone. It's even got a name...

Let's walk through what The Emotional Cycle of Change looks like for taking a fancy new In-Person Sales course that you've heard rave reviews about...

Uninformed optimism (The rose colored glasses)

“OMG, this course and IPS are going to be EPIIIIIC. Also, that Chris guy is super good looking!”

(Note: It’s cool, you can admit it.)

Informed Pessimism

Starting to recognize the costs of making the change. “Wait... there’s a lot involved in this. This isn’t going to be easy, I may need to push myself outside of my comfort zone.”

Valley of Despair

This is where “Shiny object syndrome” hits. You haven’t seen any of the payoff to the change you’re seeking. You want to go back to uninformed optimism.

“I hate you Chris. This sucks so bad. I heard about this other sales process that people are doing that’s awesome and sounds waaaaay easier. I’mma go do that instead.”

(Note: that other sales process isn’t easier, you’re just in the Uniformed Optimism stage on that process. Sucks, huh?)

Informed Optimism

Things are becoming more natural and you’re starting to get the hang of how the entire process fits together and why we’ve done things in the order we did them.

“Ohhhh, THAT’S how this all fits together! I gotta go tell my spouse about this light- bulb moment I’ve had, even though they won’t understand a dang thing I’m talking about!”

Success and Fulfillment

You’ve gotten through the worst. It’s not perfect (it never will be... wah wah), but you’re starting to systematize and automate things. You’re seeing higher sales than you’ve ever seen and your clients are telling you (and their friends!) how awesome you are.

“Ummmm... I might actually make more money this year than my spouse. How cool is that? I need to tell all of my photographer friends about this amazing course that got me here!”

(Note: that was a totally shameless plug. Another note: I’m completely comfortable with that.) :) 

And there you have it. The Emotional Cycle of Change. This will happen. It’s up to you to recognize the stage you’re in and push through to the next.

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