Print Credits, Album Spreads & “Landscape” Orientation are Hurting Your Business

Are these seemingly-innocent things hurting your business? Let's find out.

Last week, we talked about the number one sales killer – overwhelming your client. This week I want to talk about something a little less sinister in your business, but still important.

I want to talk about ways we confuse our clients, or at least make them have to overthink things.

We do this with album spreads… “wait… so it’s two pages… but what about the first and last page… are those spreads? How many pages is 21 spreads?”

We do this with print credits… “hold on… I get $400 to spend on prints because…. why? Can’t you just take $400 off of my order?”

We do this with “landscape” and “portrait”… “I don’t want a landscape photo, I want my family to be in the picture!”

I know this seems trivial, but it’s not.

Any time we make our clients process information, we force them to think logically – keeping them from thinking emotionally.

And purchasing photography is an emotional decision, not a logical one.

This week, find the things in your business that may be confusing to your clients. Do you find yourself having to explain or define something?

Change it.

Clarify it.

Then start selling it.

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