Video Tutorial: Installing Multi-Image Wall Galleries

Not sure how to install the wall galleries you sell? Watch us install a 3-image canvas gallery from start to finish, with explanation on what we're doing and why.

One of the most common questions we get is "should we install the wall art we sell?".

And the answer to that is, "if the client is in town, absolutely!".

Which leads to the next common question...

"How the heck do you hang these galleries without punching a bunch of unnecessary holes in your clients' walls???

So, we put together a quick video for you to show how we hang wall art.

Now, I know there are a ton of ways to do this and some people get all crafty with paper and whatnot. But this is how we do it, and it requires zero craft paper. :)

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Step One: Assemble the Gallery on the Floor

First thing we do is lay the gallery out on the floor where it's going to go. Get the gaps right, make it look awesome.

Step Two: Check Your Math

Now measure the entire gallery and confirm you have enough space on the wall. Make minor adjustments to the overall gallery size by tweaking the gaps in between products.

Step Three: Flip It Over

Now you're going to flip the entire thing over, making sure you make it a mirror of what it'll be on the wall. What I mean by that is make sure the products that will be on the left are on the right when you flip it. We're going to measure the locations for each nail.

Step Four: Find Your Center Point

Find the location of the center of the gallery, then mark that location on the wall (it'll be the center of the space you have on the wall, too). If you don't have a nail going there, measure out from that center point to the spot where your first nail needs to go.

Step Five: Measure All The Things!

Now measure from each nail (or from the center point) to the locations of all of the other nails. Measure twice, nail once. Use a laser level to make sure everything's nice and straight (also, it's a frickin' laser and who doesn't want an excuse to use a frickin' laser?). Curious which tools we use (including our sub-$30 laser level)? Click here.

Don't forget!

If the products you're hanging have wire hangers, don't forget to measure the distance from the top of the product to where the nail will go. You'll need to account for this when you place your nails on the wall.

I know it seems a bit tedious, but we've hung 12+ piece galleries in this way and it really doesn't take long once you get the hang of it.

So go order yourself a sample gallery for your own home and practice on your own walls!