Update: Total Gallery Size & Download Yes Image List

Today's update brings a couple of small, but useful, features to the Designer and to your IPS process.

We put out a couple of small (but useful) updates this month. Here's what we've got for you:

  • Feature: If you sell albums during your IPS sessions, but don't design them until after, this will be helpful for you. After an IPS Session you can now go into the Manage Images tab in the client album and download a list of all the images they voted as "Yes" images during their IPS Meeting. Now you have a list of images from which to build your album design!
  • Minor Tweak: If you can't get your hands on a client's room photo, but they can get you the dimensions of the space they have for wall art, you can now click on any gallery design on the wall in the designer and see the total gallery size in the Gallery Details panel. So now you know if something will fit a clients' wall, even if you don't have a photo.

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