This 10 Minute Task Will Save You at Tax Time

2017 is here, which means tax time will be upon us before we know it! Here are a couple of things you should do in Swift Galleries right now to make April 15th a breeze.

The holidays have passed, the decorations are back in boxes (maybe...) and the excitement of the new year is still fresh in our minds.

But before you shift your focus entirely to 2017, let's take a couple of steps to wrap up 2016 and, in doing so, make April 15, 2017 a much less stressful time for you.

Yeah... we're talking about taxes. Gross, right?

Below are a couple of things you should do in Swift Galleries right now to prepare for your 2016 taxes.

Export Your 2016 Sales Report

The Sales Report should give you most (if not all) of the info your CPA will need with regard to what you've sold with Swift Galleries.

This includes:

  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Discounts that Were Applied
  • Shipping
  • Taxes Applied
  • Processing Fees

With these, your CPA should be able to determine your income and expenses (and COGS) for all of your wall art sales.

Here's how you get your 2016 Sales Report:

From the Dashboard, click on Reports, then Sales Report (or just click here)

Change the Date Range to January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017

Click the Download Report Button

This will download the report in a CSV file, which can be opened in any spreadsheet software.

Quick Wins for a print-selling website

Fill your calendar with clients who want your photos in their homes.

Apply these 5-minute tweaks to your website to:
Attract clients who want more than the digital files
Use social media to encourage print sales
Get current clients excited for printed products
Finally do "show it to sell it" the RIGHT way
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Print all 2016 Invoices

If you don't have access to the invoices that were sent via email, you'll also want to grab those and print them all for your tax person.

Here's how to access your past invoices in Swift Galleries:

From your Dashboard, click on Your Subscription, then View All Invoices (or click here)

Click into the individual invoice to view and print it

And that's it!

With just 10 or so minutes worth of work, you can breathe easy that you have what you need to do your taxes when it comes to 2016's wall art sales!

Questions about any of this? Leave a comment below!