Product Review: ProDPI Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Video review of ProDPI's Canvas Gallery Wraps.

I have here the canvas gallery wrap from ProDPI and I just reviewed the canvas float wrap, and I'm really loving these canvas products from them.

This one is wrapped around a solid wood frame so it is going to be more durable than that canvas float. It's got that same canvas that's they high quality, white polycotton canvas and it's got that same smooth gloss finish that's not shiny, but also it's not a muted effect.

Their canvases just have this really rich color pop to them and this vibrancy that you don't always get from canvas, and so I have been loving that. There are sizes from eight by eight, up to 40 by 40, and there are two depths so there's an inch and a half inch thick or two and a half inches thick. Then they have two backing options for you. They've got the paper backing with the saw tooth hangers, or they have this open backing with the wire hanger which you can see the solid wood frame here and you can see this canvas on the back.

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Because there's no filler here, it doesn't have anything to support it behind it. It is going to have a little bit more of a give to it which I feel just feels like more of a traditional authentic canvas, but I did want to mention that it does have more give than some of those canvas companies that have something in here as a backing.

But we've got that wire hanger which is recommended for larger sizes, and another thing that I love about ProDPI is the that the manufacturer that they're getting this canvas role from for all of their canvas products, partners with American Forests and they plant a tree for every canvas role that ProDPI uses, so I love that.

Canvases are just such a traditional, great, clean-lined way to display your images so that your images are the focus of that, and so they're very versatile. They're my top selling wall art. You know I'm going to take some photos of this, you know I've got more reviews from ProDPI coming, so be on the lookout for those.