Product Review: ProDPI Float Wraps

Video review of ProDPI's Canvas Float Wraps.

I have here the Canvas Float from ProDPI. These Canvas Floats are similar to the Canvas Galleries Wraps in that it's the same canvas material that ProDPI uses for those and the same inks, but instead of wrapping that canvas material around a wood frame, they're actually wrapping it around a piece of Gatorfoam board. 

The product itself is pretty thin. It's mounted onto this foam floater block, which has pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and this black paper backing, just so it looks nice all the way around. It is very lightweight because it's wrapped around this foam board and because of that, it's not going to be as durable as a Canvas Gallery Wrap, but it is at a better price point.

I actually think that I might start displaying these side-by-side. I think for a gallery wall, it would be beautiful to have some cohesiveness but also some dimension and some variety. I think it would be great to put the Canvas Floats next to the Canvas Galleries Wraps and just intermingle them.

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I want to compliment ProDPI on the color and vibrancy, which I hope you're picking up in this video. I was actually pleasantly surprised by it because a lot of times canvases will soak up the inks so much that they have a little bit of a muted effect and don't show off color quite as well as some other materials.

This is beautiful. I don't know if I got lucky with the image that I chose or if all of theirs are that beautiful, but there's definitely some richness and some pop to it. Then, they have a beautiful finish to them. They call it a smooth gloss. It's not shiny, but it's also not a muted matte, which I guess is where the smooth gloss came about. 

It's a very beautiful product. I also want to commend them because for every role of canvas that ProDPI is using, there is a tree that gets planted by America's Forests. I love that. Love the product. I'll take some photos of that and I'll also be reviewing that Gallery Wrapped Canvas so that you can compare.