Product Review: CG Pro Prints Metal Prints

Video review of CG Pro Prints' Metal Prints.

This review is the metal print from CG Pro Prints. CG Pro is taking a sheet of aluminum, covering that with a white base, printing your photo on top of that, and then finishing it off with a high gloss protective coating. They all come with rounded corners, and they're fully finished and ready to hang with two mounting options. Your smaller prints starting at 8 by 10 are going to have a wood block with notches, and then anything 16 by 20 to 24 by 36 is going to have this black frame that's just ready to pop on the wall. They are going to have a float look because of the thickness of those two mounting options. They're also going to have a little bit of a glare because of the high gloss finish, but that also means that they're going to be scratch resistant, weather resistant, water resistant, easy to clean, but they do say not to hang these in direct sunlight.

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I think that metal prints are a really great option for displaying images with some great color or texture to them, especially another type of metal. Also great for displaying images with good light in them or just anything that might get lost in a more flat matte material such as canvas or regular print. They're also just nice and modern, and great for an office or a man cave. They have a high end feel to them because they are a newer product and you just don't see them every day. I'll take some photos of this one and be reviewing some other products from CG Pro Prints. Be on the lookout for those, and enjoy.

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