Product Review: CG Pro Prints Framed Standouts

Video review of CG Pro Prints Framed Canvas and Lustre Giclée Standouts.

We are combining two products for this review, and it's the framed standouts from CG Pro prints. CG Pro is giving you two options. The first being a traditional canvas, just like their canvas gallery wraps, or a lustre giclée. They're also giving you two frame options with both of those. The first one being a walnut and the second one being a black. I do want to point out that I think the walnut is darker in person than it appears on their website. It's almost an espresso, but it does definitely have a wood grain to it and it is brown, but it's a dark brown and I wanted to point that out. 

The traditional canvas looks like a canvas from CG Pro, so I'm going to talk a little bit more about this lustre giclée and put it here in the window light so that you can see that it has this metallic sheen to it, which I thought was beautiful for this particular image. Because of the sheen the website said that the print might be darker than the actual image, just to let you know that it could print dark. I would not have noticed that if they didn't mention it, and so it's not a big issue. I think I would have noticed it since I do have a lot of black in that particular image.

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They're both ready to hang. They both have a finished back with the saw tooth hanger. The backs of these have the same type of backing as a lot of canvases and the canvases from CG Pro. The frames are from recycled plastic, so they're eco-friendly. They're also durable. These are very lightweight. I would compare the weight of these to about the weight of a typical CG Pro canvas, which is light. There are six sizes to choose from. They don't have as many sizes in these as they do canvases, but they just give a nice spin to a canvas or to a framed print. I think that they're both unique and I like that.

I do want to mention that the depth of these is 1 1/4 inch, so it's the same depth as a canvas from CG Pro. If you're trying to add different materials to a gallery wall but keep the same depth, that's nice. I appreciate that. Then I also want to mention that the sizes on the website are for the print on the inside, and so your frame is going to add 7/8 inches on each side, which comes out to be an inch and 3/4 extra added to the piece of art itself. I'll be sure to take some photos of both of these and try to get you some really great close ups, and then we also have some other reviews from CG Pro, so check those out and enjoy. Thanks.