Product Review: CG Pro Prints Clings

Video review of CG Pro Prints' Wall Clings.

This review is of a product from CG Pro Prints called a cling. It's basically your image put on a woven polyester material. I think that this is basically, it's kind of a canvas texture to it. It's got a really nice texture. The color's great. This is a 12 by 18. They have nine standard sizes from 12 by 18 all the way up to 56 by 96. If you get one of those, you better send us a photo.

You peel off the paper backing, and it has a sticky adhesive on it, and you put that on your smooth surface. They do send instructions as well as a list of recommended and non recommended display surfaces. But you basically just want to put it somewhere that's temperature controlled, in doors, and has a smooth surface. So your wall or even glass or metal. You just want to make sure that it's temperature controlled. 

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They say that they are removable and re-position-able for up to two years without leaving a residue. I think that these are really great for high traffic areas where you don't want anything to get bumped into on the wall and knocked off. So the office hallway, child's playroom. I think they would be really adorable with baby photos above the changing table in the nursery. I have seen senior portrait photographers put senior photos on one side and then a calendar of senior year on the other. You could do that with family portraits. 

This one here happens to be from a commercial shoot that I did for a jewelry designer. I'm going to gift this to her, and she might put it in the office, or she might choose to get some of these and put them on the walls of her expo booth because she travels around to different expos, and that would be just one less thing to worry about when you're trying to set up your booth. 

I think there are so many different uses for these. I can't wait to see it displayed. We'll take some photos of it for you, and we've also got some other videos for you from CG Pro Prints products, so be sure to check those out. Thanks, and enjoy.