Product Review: Bumblejax Bamboo Prints

Video review of Bumblejax's Bamboo Mounted print.

Hi. This is a review of a bamboo print from a company called Bumblejax, which is based in Seattle and ships worldwide. Bumblejax claims on their website to be one of the first two companies to start offering bamboo prints about six years ago, and then they have a few claims on their website that make them unique from other companies. 

This here is a 16 x 24. They do offer sizes from 7" to 40" so you can get a custom size down to a quarter of an inch. They print on a nice matte paper. This I like to call it a soft matte. It's a beautiful print. It's one of my favorite kinds where there's no glare and it just has a smoothness and a richness to it. Then, then they take the print and adhere it to a piece of bamboo that they hand sand and hand stain. It has a really nice smoothness to it, and then the color of it is a little bit richer than some of the other bamboo samples that I've seen from other companies. 

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As you can see here, it's going to have a floating look on the wall because of this wood block that it's mounted on. Then, they have four rubber stoppers to protect your walls, the wire hanger for easy hanging. Then, this sticker, if you're curious, is just a safety notice that they put on some of their heavier products, just saying not to hang it above where you might sleep or where a child might play. 

I'll be sure to take some photos of this product, so that you can see how it floats on the wall. We also have a few other videos on the website of Bumblejax's acrylic hanging print as well as their beautiful acrylic block, so be sure to be on the lookout for those. Thanks.