Product Review: Bumblejax Acrylic Blocks

Never heard of Bumblejax? Well, it's time you did! Check out our review of their Acrylic Block, which has quickly become one of our favorite add-on products!

Hi there. Today I'm going to review for you this one inch acrylic block from Bumblejax which is actually a lab that I have not heard of until very recently. This is the first product that I had received from them and since then I've received a few more that are also just equally as stunning. 

Again this is the one inch acrylic block and they take a photo in either satin or metallic and they put it to the back of a piece of acrylic that is diamond polished so the edges are beautiful and very clean and crisp. This happens to be a satin paper in a 10 by 10. There are also other size options. There's about a dozen where it's regular photo sizes, square sizes and even some panoramics if you've got some cell phone photos that you love.

I think the photos that go best on a product like this are something with some color pop. It's a very vibrant product. It has almost a 3D effect which I don't think picks up on video quite as much as in person. I'm hoping I can pick it up in photos of the product for you, but it definitely shows up in person. 

My clients, I've had this out for about a week and everyone that's walked past it has had to comment on it so I know I'm now going to start offering it to clients who are looking for just more of a statement piece and something that's modern and just turns heads. I think my Seniors are going to love this this year.

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I also want to brag on Bumblejax's customer service and their packaging whenever they ship the products because there's nothing more frustrating than getting a product and having to request a new one because it was poorly packaged and got damaged. There was definitely no worry of that when I received this from them. 

Very impressed with them as a lab and with this product. I'll take some photos of it for you and I'll also be reviewing a few more items from them soon so be on the lookout for those.