Product Review: Artsy Couture Canvas

Video review of Artsy Couture's Canvas prints.

Hi, I'm going to review for you this gallery wrapped canvas from Artsy Couture. This one happens to be a 20 by 30, but they offer canvases ranging from 8 by 10, all the way up to 30 by 40 and they offer two depths. This one happens to be one and a half inch depth. Then also offer a three quarter inch depth if you need something that doesn't stick out away from the wall quite as much.

There are a few claims that Artsy Couture makes on their website that have that make their canvases stand out from other companies in the industry. The first of that is that it has a no sag surface and it's because of the wood that it's wrapped around. Then speaking of surface, it also has a UV free protective coating so that you should be able to wipe the canvas clean with a damp cloth. Because of that there is a little bit of a sheen to this canvas, moreso than what you might see on other canvases, but it's beautiful. There's no glare, I think it's just a nice crisp product.

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The last claim that they make is that they have the tightest corners in the industry. I will take some photos of that, I think that they're probably right on that. It's such a nice clean product. I'll show you the back. I don't think you can see it in the video. It does have small black staples around the edge of this thick black backing. Its not my favorite part but it is the back and I do love that they have a wire hanger and then although I do not have them on here yet, their canvases also come with rubber stoppers to keep your canvas from slipping.

I think the canvases are great. I think that canvases are such a versatile type of wall art because of that they are my personal studio's best seller when it comes to wall art. They are not as traditional as frames, they are also not as modern as metal or acrylic prints, and so they're just kind of a nice, happy medium. My clients love them. I think that they're good for any type of studio. Indoor, outdoor, weddings, seniors, babies, anything commercial, again I think canvases are the most versatile product as far as wall art goes, and so I'll take some photos of Artsy Couture's and then I'll also be reviewing a few other products that they have so be on the lookout for those.