Product Review: Artsy Couture Bamboo Mounted Prints

Video review of Artsy Couture's Bamboo-Mounted Print.

Hi there. I'm excited to review for you today this bamboo mounted print from Artsy Couture. They are taking a luster or a metallic print and they are mounting it to a piece of 100% genuine bamboo that you can choose in either light or dark. 

They are offering it in sizes 4 by 6 to 24 by 36. This one happens to be the 16 by 20. 

The photo is beautiful and it's a no glare photo. I feel like the color is spot on and really true to the color of the actual photograph. I'm very impressed with this. 

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I'll take some closeup photos for you, but I wanted you to see how it's adhered to the bamboo here. The website says that the photo will not come off. The back is fully finished with a keyhole opening so that you can just easily mount it. It's ready to go. 

It's very earthy yet it's also sleek and modern at the same time. I think it's great for photographers and clients who are looking for a more eco-friendly product that has an outdoorsy earthy vibe. That's why I chose the print with grass on it.

I think it's a beautiful product. We'll take some photos, check out those and the videos that we have from other products from Artsy Couture.