Update: Creating Wall Art Products Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

This new feature in Swift Galleries just made setting up new product types in Swift Galleries much, much easier.

Video Transcript:

"Hey, it's Chris from Swift Galleries. We pushed out an update late last night that I'm really excited about. I think it's going to help you guys be able to get your products set up and get you up and running with Swift Galleries much, much faster. I'm really excited to show this to you. Let's just go ahead and dig in right now. This is the update that just went out last night.

Okay, if you look here, I am inside Products and Templates and I'm in Manage Product Types. I'll do that real quick so you can see where I am. Right here, Products and Templates, Manage Product Types. You're going to see a new button over here. It says, Import from CSV. There's actually two new buttons. This used to just say Add Product. Now we have two options here, Import from CSV or Manually Create. If you click Manually Create, this is the same exact thing that you've seen before up until today. This is where you can go ahead and create your new product type. It's this new import via CSV that is the new thing so check this out.

I'm going to come over here. I'm going to click on Import from CSV and I'm going to hit Choose File. Now, we have these very specific CSV files, these very specific, I'm just calling them Swift Galleries Product Files. I'll go ahead and I'm just going to choose one of these. I'm going to choose this White House Customer Color Metal. This means that this is a metal print from White House Custom Color. This is up-to-date as of 2016, the 9th of December, 2016. I'm going to go ahead and hit that. You'll see now it's brought in all of this information including all of the sizes, all of their prices, and we've even set your price to 4x. You can change that, obviously, if you want to but we have set a price for you already as well.

You'll see there are 26 different sizes that White House Customer Color offers in metal prints. We've got them here. You may want to go through and actually check these, make sure that these are all accurate, especially if you're watching this, if this is next year or something like that. Make sure that these prices are all still correct. But like I said, they were all up to date as of the 9th of December, 2016.

Now I'm going to go ahead and choose a color for this. This is the color that's going to show up in the Manage Templates area and in the designer. Now I'm going to hit Finish Importing Products. It's going to ask me, am I sure? I'll say yes and you'll see now, with just a couple of clicks, I can now sell this metal print from White House Custom Color. You see all of this information is done. All I have to do at this point, if I want to, is change the price here. Otherwise, if I'm happy with four ex, then I can just keep it as it is and start importing more.

You'll notice one other small change on this screen. We cleaned up this top section here. We used to have a bunch of little boxes, kind of this grid of options here. We added all that down into a drop-down so now you can go straight to Import a New Type, or Create One from Scratch, or you can go to all of the different products that you offer right here. That is the update within the app.

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I know the question you're asking, though, is, where do I get these product files? How do I make them? Where do I get these product files? That's the other thing that I'm really excited about that we put out this morning. That is this wall art products kind of directory. We've got all of our favorite products from the major labs right now in the United States. We'll be adding more international labs soon. It's just a matter of getting it done but you can see here we've got- these are all of our recommended products.

If you just have no idea what products you want to offer then these are the ones that we love. We basically give you an option across all the different types of products that are out there, print wraps, metal prints, thin wraps, stand-outs, canvases. This is a specialty thing from Bay Photo. Acrylics, metals, fine art metals, framed prints, all of these different types of things so if you're just like, "I don't know what to offer," these are the ones that we love and the ones that we recommend.

But if you do know, you can come in here by lab and you can see products by lab. You can see products by type. I want to see anybody who offers acrylic prints, I can drill down into that and see that. You get the point. Or you can see products by style. My style is more modern. Okay, great, I'm going to look at just modern type prints so I'm going to come in here. You'll see now, okay, I want to offer Artsy Couture's bamboo mounted prints. I'm going to click on this button and you'll see now it's downloaded that CSV file.

That's where I would come in here and let's just do it actually, import that new product type. I'm going to choose that file that I just downloaded. I'll go into my downloads and sort by date modified. There we go. You'll see now I can sell Artsy Couture bamboo prints. I'm going to go ahead and give that a color, finish importing, and I'm done. I'm now offering bamboo prints from Artsy Couture, done. The end. This is why I'm so giddy about this update. I think that this completely changes things for you in getting up and running and being able to sell the things that you and your clients will love.

That's today's update. This went a little longer than I had planned on it but I'm very excited about this update and I hope that you are too. As always, if you have any questions, let me know. Shoot me an email, chris@swiftgalleries.com and I will see you again soon. Take care."