Product Review: ProDPI and Design Aglow Bella Framed Prints

Video review of ProDPI and Design Aglow's Bella Framed Prints.

This is the Bella framed print from ProDPI, and ProDPI is offering this in six sizes, from 8x10 up to 20x24, and the size by the way does refer to the entire piece. This is a 16x20, which is really a matted 11x14 print. The prints come in four photo paper options or three fine art paper options and then they also give you standard options of this white mat and the glass that goes in front. The frame itself is from Design Aglow and this particular style has three color options, black, silver, and the gold here. 

From the side, which is one inch depth by the way, the side of this looks like a traditional gold frame, but then the front has this nice square beading and then it has a hand-finished antique patina on it. It's this really good mixture of traditional and modern. I think that these are gorgeous. I'll show you on video here, but we'll get some photos that show you the details of this a little bit better.

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The back has a nice thick board with these pivot clips so you can change out your photo at any time very easily, but it's also completely just ready to go up on a nail on the wall, very easy for your clients to hang as soon as they get them. I am curious to see what the black and the silver look like in this because I feel like it has just a really nice glamorous spin on the frame, so I'm going to go on ProDPI's website and order their frame samples and they'll send me a 4x4 sample of each of these. I'll hope to include some photos of that with the other photos that I take of this particular sample, and we'll be reviewing some other items from ProDPI soon.