Product Review: Millers Gallery Wrapped Canvases

Video review of Miller's Gallery Wrapped Canvases

This is the canvas wrap from Miller's Lab, and Miller's is offering you a variety of sizes from 8x10 up to 34x54 and they're offering this in custom sizes as well, so they're doing a really great job of giving you some options and they're also doing that by giving you two depth options. You can get this in 1-1/2 inch thick or 2-1/2 inches thick, and they're giving you two canvas options, your classic canvas or a pearl canvas.

This is the classic canvas and it has a nice matte look to it. There's no shine or sheen at all, but it's nice and smooth at the same time. I will say there's a little bit of a give to this canvas. It does not appear to have any kind of solid backing behind it, but at the same time it's stretched nice and tightly. 

As far as comparing it to the other canvases that I've been reviewing, it falls kind of right in the middle as far as the amount of give that the canvas has. I feel like it feels more traditional but sturdy at the same time.

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The corners are nice and tight. The edges are beautiful, so the front of this looks great. 

The back has your saw tooth hanger for your smaller sizes under 20x24. Your larger sizes are going to have a wire hanger.

 It has a thick black backing instead of a paper backing, which I appreciate. 

It has these rubber stoppers to protect your walls. 

The only thing I don't love about this canvas are these silver staples on the edges here. I wish that they were black or that they were not there at all in some way, but it's the back of the canvas and so at least it's not something that your clients see and they may not think anything of it, but it is my least favorite part about it. 

Other than that, I love Miller's quick turn around time and I love that they're giving you so many options to be able to offer your clients. 

I'll take some photos of this particular piece and we've got some other reviews from Miller's coming your way soon.