How Rina Built a Frame Display Board in 30 Minutes

Learn how Norwegian Swift Galleries member Rina-Bodil Brenden built a beautiful, clean way to display her frame options in less than a half an hour!

Looking for a clean, organized way to display your framing options, without breaking the bank or spending too much time putting it together?

Swift Galleries member Rina-Bodil Brenden of RBFoto in Norway has the answer you're looking for!

With only 4 items and about 20-30 minutes of work, Rina was able to create this beautiful frame display board to show off her Lundeby Frames.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Black Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Stapler and Staples
  • Velcro
  • A Big 'ol Board

Here's How to Build It:

  1. Staple the fabric onto your board.
  2. Lay out your frames how you'd like them spaced on the board.
  3. Staple one side of your velcro to the board where you want each frame to rest.
  4. If your frame corners don't already include velcro, staple the other side of the velcro to the fram corners.
  5. Stand back and relish in your DIY skills.

Here are More Photos of Rina's Process:

Stapling the fabric to the board
Velcro stapled where she wants her frames to sit
Backside view of a frame corner to show the matching velcro (provided by her frame company)

So that's it! With just a few dollars and a half an hour of your time, you could have a clean, organized way to display your frame options for your clients!

Thanks to Rina-Bodil Brenden for the details and photos of her frame display board! Check out her work at!

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