Case Study: How Amanda uses Wall Art to Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn how portrait photographer and Swift Galleries member Amanda Waltman uses wall art to stand out in the crowded Seattle photography market.

"None of my clients want wall art, they only want digital files."

"There are just too many photographers in my market for me to be able to compete and stand out."

"I can't sell physical products; my clients don't like being 'sold to'."

If you've ever found yourself saying or thinking these things about your photography business, this post is for you.

Let's take a look at some of the steps Seattle family photographer Amanda Waltman, one of our most successful Swift Galleries members, is taking to overcome these objections.

Keep in mind... these are only the things she's doing on her website. Her entire process is built to reinforce the expectations she's setting up front on her site.

Quick Wins for a print-selling website

Fill your calendar with clients who want your photos in their homes.

Apply these 5-minute tweaks to your website to:
Attract clients who want more than the digital files
Use social media to encourage print sales
Get current clients excited for printed products
Finally do "show it to sell it" the RIGHT way
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Key Takeaways

Amanda Leads with Wall Art

"Your Face Deserves Wall Space". In 5 words, I already know exactly what people come to Amanda for. Wall art.

Photographer + Gallery Designer

If it wasn't clear enough already, Amanda doesn't even call herself a photographer. She's a photographer and gallery designer. Again... it couldn't be more obvious what she does and what she's known for.

Prime Real Estate

Take a look at her top menu. You've got the usual suspects: "Home, about, portfolio, etc.". But, in addition to those, you have Wall Galleries. Right up top, with all of the other important things on her site. This tells her potential clients that she places just as much value on her wall galleries as she does on her portfolio and her about me page.

Your Wall Personality Quiz

Amanda hired a developer to create the awesome "Your Wall Personality" quiz that she displays prominently on her home page and on the wall galleries page on her site. This is such a great, fun and interactive way to get her clients involved in the process and to help them see what's possible for them when it comes to wall art.

Everywhere They Touch Her Brand

Amanda doesn't just show wall art on her website. She knows that, to make it incredibly clear that she's a wall art specialist, she needs to show it everywhere someone may touch her brand. So click through to her Instagram and you'll see wall art. Blog? Wall art (although it's the only post right now). Facebook? Wall art.

Final Thoughts

So, next time you find yourself saying that your clients just don't want physical products or they only want the digitals or that your market is too crowded, take a good hard look at what you're putting "out there".

What are you doing to tell potential clients what to expect? 

What are you showing that lets them know people come to you for more than digitals?

Take a page out of Amanda's book and set these expectations up front, then watch as clients who want something different start to come out of the woodwork.

Your Turn

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