Product Review: Artsy Couture Print Wrap

Video review of Artsy Couture's Print Wraps from Erin Smagala Photography for Swift Galleries.

This review is for Artsy Couture's print wrap, (which was formerly the Gallery Block). It comes in sizes 8x8 up to 20x24, which is what I have here. What they're doing is they're taking your image, and they're printing it on a Kodak Endura metallic photo paper, and then they're wrapping it around a piece of wood.

But this is the most sleek wood product that I have ever ordered. I was very pleasantly surprised with it when I unpackaged it, because of how sleek and clean and sharp these edges are. There's virtually no trace of the wrapping, even though it is a print wrap. It's almost as if they've printed this directly on the wood, except for the fact that you get the vibrancy and the color and the sharpness of this metallic photo paper. 

It's such a beautiful product, so nice and sleek. I'll show you the edges here. Again, everything is so nice and crisp. This does come with a standard width, but you do get three options. You can wrap your image around like I have. You can do a solid color, or a custom design, but I like to just wrap the image around the edges. I think it's a nice modern, clean look.

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On the back, you're going to have this lip here, where you've got the edge, but then it's an open, but nicely clean open back with two hanging options. I thought that I would want to do the nail option, because we rotate products in my studio pretty regularly, but after I've seen this and I love how beautiful it is, I think I want to leave it up for a while. So I wish that I had gotten the very inexpensive mounting hardware. You put that on the wall, you hang this over top of it, and that keeps it in place so that it stays level in high traffic areas, like my studio hallway. 

It's very lightweight for a wood product, and it's also scratch resistant, which again, great for my hallway with high traffic. The reason that it's scratch resistant is because it has a UV laminate surface, which also means that you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. I think that this is such a great alternative to something, maybe an image, that I would have put on a metal or an acrylic print, but this is more cost effect and lightweight. I love that we have these to offer now. I love this metallic look, I love the edges. Loving this product from Artsy Couture. 

We have couple of other reviews from Artsy Couture on the site, so be on the lookout for those. Thanks.