How to Craft an "About Me" Page That Gets You Better Clients

Is your photographer bio doing more to hurt your chances of getting clients than it is helping? Here's what you're doing wrong (and how to fix it).

We're all friends here, right?

Like... we can just be honest with each other?

Ok, cool. Here goes. I've been meaning to tell you this, but I just didn't have the heart to do it. But I care enough about you to just be blunt.

Your Photographer Bio?

It kinda stinks.

I mean, that's a nice photo of you with a camera and all. But it's all just... well... boring.

Let's step into your potential clients' shoes for just a moment... {{ cue the dream sequence }}

The Problem

I'm a newly engaged bride and I'm searching for a wedding photographer. I fire up my laptop and, with giddy excitement, do a quick Google search for Wedding Photographers in Colorado Springs.

Like manna from digital heaven, a giant list of exactly what I'm looking for appears before my very eyes. Jackpot! Now I just have to pick one!

So I click on the first one. Her photos are amazing! I take a peek at her pricing and, while it's a bit more than I thought I was going to spend, what the heck, it's my big day, right!?

Hmm... an "About Me" page. I should check this out. I mean, I'm gonna be around this lady all day on my wedding day, right? I should probably make sure we get along...

Oh, how sweet. She loves love and cherishes her opportunity to capture moments that will live forever. That's exactly who I'm looking for! Look at that, she's perfect for me! Oh, and she's also had a camera in her hands since she was 7 years old. Wow, that's awesome!

Ok, I should just call her now! I'll book her on the spot!

Well... maybe I should just look at a couple more, just to be sure.

Wow, these photos are great, too! Prices are about the same. Lemme check if I like this person...

........ wait a minute........

She loves love. And she cherishes capturing moments, too. And she's had a camera in her hand since she was 7.

... Did I accidentally go back a page? Is this the same person?

Nope. Different photo of a woman with a camera in her hand.  What an odd coincidence.

Hold on a second. This one says the same thing!

And so does this one!




And that, my friend, is your problem.

Your About Me? It's written about every other photographer, too. It's homogenous. It's... well...


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Let's Fix It!

So how do we fix this?

Simple. Tell me about... you.

What makes you, you?

What are you into that other people aren't into, but I just might be into?

What common interests do we have?

What truly makes you a better option than the other photographers I'm looking at today. Like, actually better for me?

Quick Exercise

Here's a good exercise: 

Imagine you're sitting at a table with 3 of your closest competitors and a potential client. That client asks you, point blank, "why should I hire you and not one of them?". 

In that situation, the last thing you're going to say is "I love love and I cherish capturing moments". 

You need to figure out what makes you truly unique compared to the others in your market, without trash-talking the others in your market. 

You don't have to be better. You have to be better for your ideal client.

Stand For Something

Here's the real kicker. Tell me something about you I might really dislike. Say something divisive. Make me for or against you. Because if I'm against you, I'll go away (you don't want to work with me anyway). 

But if I'm with you? I'm with you. I'm your people. You and me? We're BFFs now. 

And I'd love to work with my BFF.

Here's our boudoir site Photographer Bio, to give an example. It features an at-first-glance middle finger, positions us from the start as "shamelessly irreverent" and talks about pants off dance offs.

Some people will be horrified by this. And that's fantastic. Others, like Hailee below, are our people. And she chose us for her wedding over a dozen "better" photographers.

(Fun fact: She and her husband are now the godparents of our son).

We've had countless clients turn down "better" photographers who charged less than we do because they hired us not only for what we do, but also for who we are.

Be The Magnet

So put yourself out there. Be you. Give your potential clients something to remember. Give them something to agree with and run to you because of, or to disagree with and run away.

I'll leave it with this simple analogy.

People always talk about how your business should be a magnet, drawing people toward it. But they never talk about what happens when you turn that magnet over... it repels things. It pushes things away.

Let your business be that magnet, attracting your people and repelling the others because, at the end of the day...

I'd rather be loved by some and hated by others, than forgotten by all of them.