3 Ways to Simplify In-Person Sales

3 ways to simplify in-person sales to help increase your overall income, without feeling like a salesperson (Guest post from ShootDotEdit).

In your business, how comfortable are with in-person sales? Many times, photographers struggle with in-person sales, especially after getting to know clients and documenting a crucial moment for them. You’ve gotten to know them so well, and have been alongside them for one of the most important days of their life. How do you turn around and sell to them?

I partnered with my good friends over at the wedding photo editing company, ShootDotEdit, on a recent online training to tackle this very subject. We discussed how photographers can simplify in-person sales, as well as solutions to turn the process into a custom experience for every client. Read below for some great thoughts from them!

Here at ShootDotEdit, we love to provide actionable and relevant photography tips for you to implement into your business. In our Online Training: Sell Your Work, Not Your Soul: Simplifying In-Person Sales, Chris shared how you can sell more work and outperform your competition, without feeling like a salesperson. Here are 3 ways to simplify in-person sales to help increase your overall income.

1. Set Expectations Immediately

To start simplifying sales, set expectations for clients immediately. When you set expectations for clients right away, you lower the chances of miscommunications or objections later in the process. Take the time to set expectations through your various platforms (website, blog, and social media). Use these platforms to set expectations for your price, product, and process.

For your website, include clear expectations for the price of your products and services. Include this on your contact page and pricing page, so clients have an idea of what your prices are when they reach out to you. This eliminates a lot of confusion and issues before they even reach out.  

On your website, blog, and social media channels, include the products you provide to wedding clients. If you are “known” for a product (albums, prints, or wall art), place those on your platforms for all clients to see. Rather than using a teaser of multiple images on your blog, share a mock-up of those images in an album or as wall art. Create follow-up blog posts that show how the product looks in the client’s home. Finally, add a portfolio item of just album spreads of wall prints on your website so clients can clearly see them when they visit your site.

With your website and blog, talk about the process you use to clarify the details with potential clients. Avoid revealing too many details because many people are too busy to read through them. The idea is just to give them a taste of what they will experience if they book you for their wedding day. If you want to share a more details, explain the process during the pre-booking or planning meeting. You can also reinforce the process throughout to reduce objections later.

2. Plant Seeds for the Sale

Once you set expectations, begin planting seeds with clients to ensure you will not lose their interest. Start with your website by showing them who you are, what you do, and how they can work with you. As you receive their inquiry, find out if you are a good fit for them and if your skills match their needs. When you meet them for the planning meeting, ask them questions and make suggestions based on what you know about them. During this planning meeting, you can start building a package for them. Because it puts context to the price they saw on your website, it will be easier to have a discussion with them about your products. A program, such as Swift Galleries [http://swiftgalleries.com/], allows you to show them what your work would look like in their homes.

3. Bring the Process Full Circle  

As long as every other step is done correctly, this is the easy part of the process. Remind clients of what you discussed throughout the process. Talk to them about what they decided would look good in their home. Show them the products which would work for them. After you spend time getting to know them and their style, you will become more comfortable suggesting other ways to incorporate and use their photos. In this case, up-selling becomes an easier process when your clients are prepared and know what you are offering (and trust the person providing them the services).

Simplifying sales on your website, blog, and social media can help you confidently share your products and services with your clients. When you sell more to clients, you continuously increase your overall profit. 

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