Your step-by-step path to a whole new business.

Our Path to Printmaker framework works hand-in-hand with Swift Galleries to walk you through 3 simple steps that will take you from overworked and overwhelmed to profitable, confident In-Person Sales.

Our Simple 3-Step Path to In-Person Sales

Tired of wasting your already limited time on things that aren't actually moving your business forward? You need a clear path toward a business that will feed your family and your creativity, while turning clients into raving fans. You need The Path to Printmaker.

Learn how to sell

First, we'll teach you to attract quality clients, build excitement for products and make the sale, without feeling salesy.

master your sales tools

Next, we'll show you how to apply what you just learned with Swift Galleries, a sales and design tool created from day one to support this exact process.

Launch your new In-Person Sales Process

Knowledge and tools, without action, are worthless. Follow this step-by-step action plan to bring your new process to life.
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"My first sale doing it 'The Printmaker way' was so simple. I knew what my client wanted already and had pre-designed everything... Selling this way makes me way more money, but also makes me feel like more of a professional in front of my clients."
Katilin Roten
Carollton, TX
Attracting Quality Clients
Learn how to get clients who want physical products
Building Excitement
Learn the process that gets clients excited for the products they'll buy
Making the Sale
Learn how to make the sale, without feeling like a sleazy salesperson
Setting Up Your Sales Tool
We'll walk you step-by-step through setting up the tech, without all of the headaches
Day to Day Workflow
This is how you'll prepare for stress-free sales and happy clients
Selling with Swift Galleries
We'll hand-hold you through using Swift Galleries for seamless sales meetings
Transitioning Your Business
Start taking baby-steps toward your new process so you don't get overwhelmed
Updating Your Web Presence
Open the doors (and the sales floodgates) to your new favorite clients
Launching Your New Process
Get a quick win while introducing your new process to your clients

The Path to Printmaker Includes:

17 Step-By-Step Video Lessons

Kiss guesswork and confusion goodbye with these actionable, easy-to-follow video lessons.

50+ Page Workbook

The Path to Printmaker workbook will help you implement your new process as you go.

Checklists and Cheatsheets

It's not enough to know stuff, you've got to take action on it! These checklists and cheatsheets will help!

Product Pricing Calculator

If you can fill in some cells in a spreadsheet you can price your products. Easy-peasy.

Bonus: Product and Pricing Lessons

Not sure what products to sell or how to price them? We've got you covered!

Bonus: Virtual In-Person Sales Course

Think you're too busy for In-Person Sales? Think again! This quick course will teach you how to do In-Person Sales, without all of that "In-Person" stuff.

The Printmaker Coalition Community

Share you successes, struggles and strategies with your fellow Printmakers in our private Facebook group.
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