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In-Person Sales for the rest of us.

Overworked MomTogs, Shoot-and-Burners and Weekend Warriors everywhere - you've finally found your step-by-step path to a more profitable, fulfilling business with In-Person Sales.

A path to In-Person Sales for the shoot-and-burned out.

Get more than just a world-class design and sales tool. Get a step-by-step blueprint for finally making the switch to In-Person Sales, without all of the guesswork.

our step-by-step Sales Framework

Learn how to sell your work, setup and use Swift Galleries and launch your new sales process using our Path to Printmaker framework.

Our simple, intuitive design and sales tool

Use Swift Galleries to implement the process you learned in The Path to Printmaker to bring your new process to life.
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"I'm finally feeling confident about selling wall art to clients... so confident in fact that I'm redesigning my website to market myself as a wall gallery photographer... and I have Swift Galleries to thank for this!"
Amanda Waltman
Seattle, WA

Design beautiful galleries (No PhD required).

Watch the video
Leave your computer science degree at the door, you won't be needing that here. If you can point and click, you can show your clients their photos, on their walls, at exactly the right size.
Help clients start "living" with your work in their homes by visualizing it at the right size on their own walls
Attract new clients who want wall art galleries by exporting and displaying your favorite galleries everywhere
Outserve your competition by helping your client choose the best products and sizes for their own space
Show off all of your favorite wall art products - canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, circles - all in one easy-to-use tool

A simple 3-step path to your brand new business.

Watch the video
The Path to Printmaker framework is the blueprint to your new sales process. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of an incredibly successful In-Person Sales workflow, how to use Swift Galleries to bring that process to life, and how to launch your new process to your past, current and future clients.
You'll get:
17 step-by-step video lessons to learn how to sell, how to set up and use Swift Galleries and how to launch your new process
50+ page workbook to have everything in one place so you can reference it anytime
Checklists and cheat sheets to help you quickly implement what you're learning
A Product Pricing Calculator to take the guesswork and confusion out of pricing your products
Product picking and pricing lessons to help you choose and price the perfect products for you and your clients
Our full Virtual In-Person Sales course to help you sell In-Person, even if you can't be In-Person
Access to our private Facebook community, The Printmaker Coalition
"I just had my first In-Person Sale with Swift Galleries. My clients were so thrilled they ended up tripling their budget. They chose one of my suggestions and then loved being able to see image choices side-by-side on their wall. I so wish I had found [Swift Galleries] sooner!"
Kris p.
Denver, co
Kris sold enough in a single sale to cover 5 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!

Who is Swift Galleries + The Path to Printmaker best for?

We're passionate about helping shoot-and-burn or online sales photographers use print sales to build businesses they never thought were possible - businesses that feed their families and their creativity without taking over their lives.


Juggling family and a business? We'll help you use the little time you have in the most effective way possible, switching you to IPS without any guesswork.

Weekend Warriors

Just shooting to make a little side income? No judgement here, friend. Get more bang for your buck with The Path to Printmaker and Swift Galleries.

Burned Out Shoot & Burners

Constantly worried sick about when the next client will come along? Switch to a process that will serve your clients (and your bank account) better.
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Why Swift Galleries + The Path to Printmaker?

There are a lot of resources out there to help you sell your work. This is why you should choose us.

More than a tool or a course. An end-to-end solution.

If you want to finally make the switch to In-Person Sales, anything less than a clear path to follow, a tool to support that path and a plan to actually put it into practice in your business is just not going to get you where you want to go. You will always be working to fit pieces of education together with tools that were never made to fit together in the first place.

Swift Galleries + The Path to Printmaker is more than just a collection of features, it's a complete system that will walk you step-by-step through learning how to sell, learning how to use our tool to support that sales process, then actually taking the steps to launch your new sales process. And all of it was created to work together seamlessly.

What we offer is completely different than anything else out there.

Everything you need at a price you can afford.

By combining our world-class design and sales tool with our In-Person Sales course and a step-by-step launch plan (not to mention all of the bonuses, one-on-one help and our Printmaker Coalition group), all for a low monthly or yearly price, we offer the absolute best value for your hard-earned money. In fact, the average Swift Galleries sale is enough to cover more than 4 years of a yearly Swift Galleries subscription. Yeah... a single sale = 4+ years. How's that for return on your investment?

The only solution created for burned out shoot-and-burners, MomTogs and weekend warriors.

When we made the switch from online sales to In-Person Sales we went from $150 sales averages to $120,000 in our first year of IPS. It was life-changing. We'd rather be a part of making changes like that in people's lives than just helping already-successful photographers save a little money and make a little more. That's why we specialize in helping the photographers the rest of the industry tends to overlook or under-appreciate build businesses to be reckoned with. What can we say, we always root for the underdog.

Chris, Adrienne and Cyrus

That's it. That's the entire Swift Galleries team. And, as a member, you'll get to know us personally.

Each of us is a small business owner, just like you. We understand the value of each and every one of our members and you'll never get lost in the shuffle or treated like a number on a spreadsheet. Your ticket won't be "escalated". We won't have to "check with our supervisor". You'll always be dealing with someone who has skin in the game, whose success is directly tied to your success.

How much will it cost me?

How much is shooting and burning already costing you? How much time are you wasting jumping from tactic to tactic without any meaningful results when you could be moving your business forward with each step you take? Are you missing out on sales and additional income because you're not offering In-Person Sales? Lack of a clear path forward may already be costing you a great deal.

Yearly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

Save $108 over our monthly subscription and get additional bonuses
Month-to-month, low upfront cost with no ongoing commitment
Recurring membership to Swift Galleries Design and Sales Tool
17 step-by-step Path to Printmaker video lessons
50+ page downloadable Path to Printmaker workbook
Exclusive Printmaker Coalition Facebook Group
Exclusive Opportunity to become a Certified Printmaker
Exclusive partner deals and discounts
1-on-1 strategy call with Chris or Adrienne Scott
1-on-1 Swift Galleries setup call with Adrienne Scott
30-day free trial, no credit card needed
Money back guarantee
30 Days
14 Days
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*Fun Fact: On average, a single sale with Swift Galleries is enough to cover more than 4 years of your yearly subscription price.
"Swift Galleries works great and I've been crushing it!"
Michael Nelson
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Swift Galleries was a game changer for my business! It's easy to design gorgeous wall art galleries that my clients LOVE and a great way to serve my clients. Thank you!"
Jen Bauldree
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"If people can see their images on their own walls, it's nearly impossible to pass up. So happy I went with Swift Galleries."
Tracy Anderson
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"I'm finally feeling confident about selling wall art to clients because I can actually show them how awesome it will look on their walls! I'm feeling so confident in fact that I'm redesigning my website to market myself as a wall gallery photographer...and I have Swift Galleries to thank for this!"
Amanda Waltman
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Swift Galleries is super simple to use, and extremely effective at showcasing a mix of products like framed prints and canvases all on one wall. That is a capability we were looking for that programs other than Swift Galleries couldn't do, or couldn't do simply. We love Swift Galleries and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their workflow with customers and increase art sales."
Ryan Fiedler
North Bend
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Swift has become a staple in my IPS meetings, and has had a huge hand in my current business model! I'm making more money, and finally doing things how I always saw myself, but never knew how! Thank you Swift!!"
Maggie Mayper
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"I'm new to Swift Galleries and I absolutely love being able to show clients samples of their photos on their walls. People are visual and this is a fantastic tool!"
Marla White
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Swift Galleries makes my wall galleries so much easier to create and sell. My clients are always so impressed by how they can visualize their wall art before they actually buy it! Thank you!"
Evelyn Laniado
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"I use Swift Galleries at every reveal sales meeting. All my clients love the ability to see their portraits displayed and have lots of fun moving their images in and out of the gallery suggestions that I create for them. I sell a lot of frame collections so I have added all of those to my templates and designing a gallery wall for each of my clients is quick, easy and incredibly effective."
Janet Taub
New Milford
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Such a great tool, and easy to use, to help my clients visualise their pictures on their OWN walls. It makes it so much easier for me to sell and for my clients to buy wall art. My clients love it! And when they do - I do!!!"
Bjørg de Meza Espersen
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Sales have gone way up since using Swift Galleries. Especially when I hand over control to the client to build their own gallery, they always go beyond budget!"
Rachell Jordan
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.
"Such an easy program that has huge value- both to me and my clients. A no-brainer investment."
Vanessa Bishop
sold enough in a single sale to cover
years of
Swift Galleries subscription.

One lonely 8x10 canvas.

That's all you'll need to sell in an entire year to cover the cost of your Swift Galleries subscription and The Path to Printmaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all of your burning questions!

So... what exactly do I get?

We get it, it's different than everything else you've seen out there. So here's what you'll get... When you sign up for a paid Swift Galleries account you'll get access to Swift Galleries, the full Path to Printmaker Framework, access to The Printmaker Coalition Private Facebook Group, a 1-on-1 setup call with Adrienne, a 1-on-1 strategy call with Chris (yearly subscription only), exclusive discounts from our partners (yearly subscription only) and the opportunity to become a Certified Printmaker (yearly subscription only). All for less than what you'll make by selling a single moderately-priced 8x10 canvas.

Is it an ongoing subscription?

Yes, it's an automatically renewing subscription, and here's why you should be happy about that... As a subscription-based business we don't just sell to you then forget about you. Because you can choose to leave anytime, we constantly improve our tools, provide value and support and keep you happy. Subscription billing also allows us to release those constant updates without you having to pay for any of them. It's a better experience for you and more consistent revenue for us - win/win.

Do you have a free trial?

Yep! Our 30-day free trial includes all features of the Swift Galleries tool, but none of the education, Facebook Group access or bonuses.

How about a monthly subscription?

Yes, we offer a $24/month subscription option. You'll get access to Swift Galleries and The Path to Printmaker as well as the private Facebook Group. You'll be missing out on a slew of discounts from our partners, a 1-on-1 strategy call with Swift Galleries' main educator, Chris, and the opportunity to become a Certified Printmaker, which are only available to yearly subscribers. Our yearly subscription will also save you $108/year over the monthly subscription. In other words, you can pay monthly, but you'll end up paying more and getting less. We like to reward our yearly members for their commitment to our business and the Printmaker process.

What exactly is Swift Galleries?

Swift Galleries is a wall art design and In-Person Sales tool. It allows you to show your clients exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls, at exactly the right size. You can also take your clients through your full In-Person Sales meeting right there in Swift Galleries - from slideshow to checkout, all in one tool. We're kinda biased, but it's pretty awesome.

Can I upload a photo of my clients' own rooms in Swift Galleries?

Yeah you can! It's super-simple to upload and calibrate your clients' room photos so you can show them their photos on their own walls at the right size.

What products can I sell with Swift Galleries?

How does "all of them" sound? Swift Galleries supports most wall art products inside the gallery designer. Any non wall art products you sell can be added as Add-On products, making it simple to add them to the cart during your In-Person Sales meetings.

Do I have to do In-Person Sales to use Swift Galleries?

Nope. We have the ability to sell online with Swift Galleries built right in. But we would recommend at least doing a Virtual In-Person Sales meeting if you can't do a traditional one. You'll see better results and have access to more features.

Will Swift Galleries work with my lab?

Short answer? Yes. We don't do direct fulfillment, so Swift Galleries supports any lab you use (or anything you make on your own). Long answer? We have a ton of products that can be directly imported into Swift Galleries with just a couple of clicks. You can see the up-to-date list of importable products right here. If your lab or product isn't listed, no worries - you can always create it manually within Swift Galleries. It'll take you about 5 minutes.

What if I get stuck? Is it easy to get help?

Heck yes! See that little chat thingy in the bottom right corner of this screen? That'll get you directly to Adrienne or Chris and you'll find it all over The Path to Printmaker and within the Swift Galleries app. We also have a ton of support documentation and tutorial videos. Or you could reach out to us via email at hello@swiftgalleries.com or through Facebook in one of our groups or pages.

So... all of this, for only $180/year? What's the catch?

Yeah, our yearly subscription comes out to only $15/month. No catch. It really is everything you need to make the switch to In-Person Sales, priced to help the very photographers we enjoy helping the most. No hidden fees. No upsells. No commissions. No shenanigans.

You'll get an amazing design and sales tool that works across all of your devices, without having to purchase any additional licenses. You'll also get our step-by-step Path to Printmaker course that will teach you how to sell, how to use Swift Galleries for that sales process, then how to launch your new process to your past, existing and future clients. For 15 bucks a month.

Meet the team

We're the team behind Swift Galleries and The Path to Printmaker. (Nice to meet you!)
Hey, we're Chris, Adrienne and Cyrus.
We're the team behind Swift Galleries and The Path to Printmaker.

Before co-founding Swift Galleries, Chris and Adrienne were full-time, internationally published wedding and portrait photographers. They were the founders of the Preveal iPad app, as well as the owners of the Salesographer In-Person Sales course.

You'll now find Adrienne (AKA The Support Maven) on the other end of your support emails, answering questions and making your life easier.

Chris is our CEO and the guy you'll see the most often. He does all of our education, broadcasts and writes all of our emails.

Cyrus, our CTO, is lurking in the shadows wrangling the code to make all of the tech work just the right way.
We believe:
  • In making it work, then making it better.
  • In-Person Sales, when done right, is better for photographers and for their clients.
  • Our families are the reason we do what we do.
  • Everyone feel welcome and included, no matter if they're a full-timer, part-timer, weekend warrior or momtog.
  • Simple is sexy. The tools you use to run your business should make your life easier and more enjoyable.
  • You will get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.
  • Every chat conversation should include at least one animated GIF.
  • If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Getting started is easy!

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