Step-by-step In-Person Sales meetings.

Swift Galleries' IPS flow will guide you step-by-step through the In-Person Sales meeting, so you can focus on your clients, not on your software.

The Perfect Pair with The Path to Printmaker

Because we created both The Path to Printmaker and the Swift Galleries In-Person Sales flow, you can go into your IPS meetings knowing your software was created to support the exact process you use in your business.
"If you're not using Swift Galleries, you're not just missing out on print sale opportunities, you're also missing out on an opportunity to create an exceptional client experience that will give you an edge over other photographers."
Allie Siarto
East Lansing, MI

Focus on your clients, not on your software.

Start your sales meetings with our simple, no-frills slideshow that puts all of the attention where it should be - on your photos and your clients, not on your software.
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Cull and Compare

Pick your favorites.

If you can tap the up or down arrow on your keyboard then you've got what it takes to cull your clients favorite images out of the bunch.
Love it? Tap the up arrow key to mark it as a keeper.
Leave it? Tap the down arrow to set it aside.
Need to decide between similar photos? Just click Compare and see them side-by-side.
wall art designer

Show it. Sell it. (Profit).

Sell more wall art than ever before by showing your clients exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls, at exactly the right size.
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Add-on products

Everything you sell, all in one place.

Easily sell every product you offer - albums, books, small prints, digital files, press printed cards, you name it - all in Swift Galleries.
"With my first official sales session using the Swift Galleries software, my sales session brought results!! My sales session generated a $1,000+ order, then my second one again generated a $1200 order. I couldn't be happier with my decision to invest in this software!! Thanks, Swift Galleries for creating a simple, user friendly software!!!"
Rochelle H.
Dyersville, ia
Rochelle sold enough in a single sale to cover 8 years of her Swift Galleries subscription!
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Checkout and payment processing

Make the sale.

Finished designing beautiful galleries and adding products to the cart? Don't fire up another piece of software just to create the order, just check out right inside Swift Galleries! If you're in the US, we can even collect your payment for you!
Collect payment manually, or have Swift Galleries process your payment (US only)
No commissions on your sales
No extra fees for payment processing (you just pay the standard credit card processing fees)
Powered by Stripe, the industry leader in secure online payments
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