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Wall Art Product Directory & Reviews

Our favorite wall art products from our favorite labs.
Artsy Couture

Artsy Couture Print Wraps

Professional Print Wraps are a premium wall décor item, and the most high-end mounting option for your photos!

Bumblejax Acrylic Blocks

Bumblejax Acrylic Photo Blocks make for a stunning hanging or freestanding way to display your work!
CG Pro Prints

CG Pro Canvases

Canvas Gallery Wraps are the perfect final touch to creating lasting memories for your clients on prints that are as high quality as your photos.
CG Pro Prints

CG Pro Framed Standouts

Framed Standouts allow you to customize options for your clients and provide an affordable framing option for even the toughest to please clients.

Millers Framed Prints

Classic yet refined, Frames provide a timeless solution for image display. Offered in four elegant colors, your prints arrive ready to hang with gallery-like quality.

ProDPI Bamboo Mounted Prints

Bamboo panel mounts are manufactured from sustainably harvested bamboo and come in a 3/4″ thickness.

ProDPI Bella Framed Prints

These low-profile, high-impact frames designed by Design Aglow complement any decor whether classic, modern, beachy, or rustic.

ProDPI Canvas Floats

The same ProDPI quality canvas printing as our gallery wraps, only this canvas product is wrapped around a lightweight gatorfoam board.

ProDPI Canvases

ProDPI canvas has superior color rendition, rich blacks and a smooth gloss finish.

ProDPI Metals

Metal Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and made from 100% recyclable aluminum.
Simply Color Lab

Simply Color Lab Heritage Wood Prints

If you like the look of wood prints but want full color and richness in your images, Heritage Wood Prints are for you. Heritage Woods Prints are a Fine Art Paper Mounted directly to 3/4" wood with hand sanded corners.
Acrylic Prints by Bay Photo Lab

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are a punchy and bold option for photographers looking for something that literally stands out.
Bamboo Mounted Print by Bay Photo Lab

Bamboo Mounted Prints

With Bamboo-mounted prints, you can get any of your favorite photographic pa- pers, mounted to a solid, eco-friendly and incredibly durable wood mount.
Canvas by CG Pro Prints


The most popular choice in wall art, Gallery Wrapped Canvases bring clean lines and timeless look to your photos.
Framed Prints by Millers

Framed Prints

The clean and timeless look of a framed and matted print will bring all of the attention to your photographs, giving them a stage on which to shine.
MetalPrints by Bay Photo Lab

Metal Prints

Metal Prints bring an industrial look to your images while allowing them to shine.
Print Wraps by Artsy Couture

Photo Blocks

Hip and trendy, Photo Blocks show off your clients' fun, energetic personalities while also drawing attention to the quality of the products you offer.
XPoser System from Bay Photo Lab

Specialty Products

Specialty products are the new and different options offered by labs who are pushing the boundaries of wall art products.
Framed Standouts by CG Pro Prints


With clean, crisp edges and the photographic print type of your choice, the standout-mounted print will be right at home in your clients' homes.
Wood Prints by ProDPI

Wood Prints

One of the newest products on the market, wood prints give your photos a warm, natural feel, allowing the grain of the wood to show through the highlights in your photos.
Print Wraps by Artsy Couture


With a finger on the pulse of the market and a constant eye out for what's new, you create fun, personality-filled images for clients who want something a little different. Your photos are as much a statement of your lighthearted joie de vivre as they are a reflection of the things that make your clients unique. With an affinity toward products that compliment your creativity and spontaneity, your wall gallery concepts are the Pinterest-lovers dream, something for your clients to strive for.
Barnwood Frames from WHCC


You like to bring it back to nature and prefer raw, organic products over highly-polished, trend-of-the-day products. You have an affinity for heirlooms and value the sentimentality of your products more than you do their "cool factor". You're the hand-crafted, attention-to-detail type and you connect with your clients on a personal level, striving to create images and products that reflect their personality rather than just make them look good.
Bella Frames from ProDPI


You like to keep it simple and classic, with a preference for timeless pieces over the trend-of-the-day. You have an affinity for high-quality, upscale products that show off your photography, while making it clear that your images and products are meant to last. With an eye for heirlooms, you emphasize the timeless quality and long-lasting build of you products, making it clear that you sell photographs that are intended to be passed down from generation to generation, without falling prey to fads.
Acrylics Print from Bay Photo


You like to push the envelope and create pieces that are as much a statement of your personality as they are your clients'. You're always on the lookout for new products that no one else is offering, as long as they show your work off in a way that is both sophisticated and edgy. You have an affinity for bold compositions, pops of color and abstract designs and you want your photography products to help your attention to these details really shine. You want your clients to feel like models and for them to feel sexy, bold and empowered when they see your work on their walls.

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Swift Galleries Product File FAQs

What do I do with this Product File?

Once you've downloaded the Product File for the product you'd like to sell in Swift Galleries, just head right over here and upload the Product File into your Swift Galleries account. Once it's done uploading, just make sure you update your prices. And that's it! You're ready to sell that new product with Swift Galleries!

What about products with different options?

If you'd like to offer multiple variations of the same product (i.e. the same product with multiple frame colors), simply upload the Product File, name the product with your desired option, then upload it again for each additional option (making sure to change the name of the newly-uploaded product so you can tell which one is which).

You don't have the product I want to sell, what can I do?

We've chosen to highlight our favorite products from multiple labs, but there's still a chance we don't have the product you want in our list. No problem. You can either create the product from scratch inside Swift Galleries, create a new CSV file to upload into Swift Galleries, or request that we add your lab's products to our list. We're more than happy to add more products to the list, but please note that we can't give you any idea when we'll be able to add your specific products to our list.

How do I know if my Product File is up to date?

While we make every effort to keep our Product Files up to date, we cannot guarantee they'll be current. Each product file is current and accurate (to the best of our knowledge) as of the date included in the Product File name. Ultimately, it is up to you to make sure your product offerings, costs and other details are accurate and in-line with what your lab offers. We just provide these Product Files as a service to make it easier to get up-and-running with your products in Swift Galleries.

Where can I get help with this?

Need help? Shoot us an email, or head over the the Swift Galleries Academy!

I work for/represent a print lab and we'd love to have our products added or featured here. How can we make that happen?

Awesome, we'd love to chat. Shoot Adrienne an email and we'll get you all set up.

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