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Sales and order reports

Know your numbers? We do.

Are you more artist than you are mathematician? Would you rather spend a day in Photoshop than an hour in Excel? We hear you. With Swift Galleries, you can leave all of that to us. We'll keep tabs on your financials so you can get back to doing what you love - taking great photos.
"Swift Galleries makes it so much easier for me to sell and for my clients to buy wall art. My clients love it! And when they do, I do!!!"
- Bjørg de Meza Espersen, Hørsholm, Denmark

Be BFFs with your CPA.

Need to get your CPA your recent sales numbers so they can start working on your taxes? Great, that should take you about 2 minutes. Just head into your Sales Reports and we'll give everything you need to make your CPA love you.

After the sale.

Congrats, you just made a sweet sale... now what? Swift Galleries will prepare a full order details report for you, as well as perfectly crop all of your photos and hand them over to you, ready to order from the lab of your choice. We'll even rename your image files to tell you exactly what you need to order, right there in the file name.
No credit card. no commitments. (no, really).