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The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Swift Galleries

Want to sell more of your photography as wall art? Here are the top features in Swift Galleries to help you do just that!

Review Transcript:

Have you ever watched one of our webinars and thought to yourself, 

"I had no idea I could do that!".

Well, then this post is for you!

In fact, it's one of our webinars, chopped up into bite-sized videos to show you the top 10 features we think you may have missed in Swift Galleries.

Each video below is an excerpt from our Top 10 Things You're Not Using in Swift Galleries webinar, which you can watch in full right here.

If you just want to pop in and out and look at specific features, read on...

Importing Products

Setting up your products in Swift Galleries is as simple as importing one of our Product FIle CSVs. This video will show you where to get them and how to import them. Spoiler alert: get 'em here.


Modifying Product Prices, Costs and Sizes

Want to know how to add more sizes to the product you offer, or how to change your prices? This one's for you...


Designing New Layouts in the Template Manager

Stuck with only a few templates for a product you just created? Here's how to quickly (and easily) add more template options by creating new templates from scratch or modifying an existing template.


Accepting Payments 

Want to have Swift Galleries process your payments, completely commission-free? Here you go!


Uploading & Calibrating Client Rooms

Have you ever thought, "man, it'd be cool if I could upload my clients' room photos and show them their photos on their own walls"? Well, I have good news for you... you can do that. Here's how...

No items found.

You could start selling

in the next 5 minutes!

Skip setting up all of your product details in Swift Galleries by loading this product directly into into your Swift Galleries account!
Start selling this in Swift GalleriesDon't have an account? Start your free 30-day trial here!

Keyboard Shortcuts and Double-Click Actions

This video will show you how to work as efficiently as possible in the Swift Galleries Designer with our keyboard shortcuts and the places where double-clicking will save you from having to mouse all over the screen.


Downloading and Sharing to Social Media

Want to download a design to your computer or quickly share it on Facebook or Pinterest? Great! Here's how:


In-Person Sales

This video will walk you through setting up and running an In-Person Sales meeting with Swift Galleries, from title screen to slideshow, to cull to the IPS-flavored Designer.


Add-ons and Discounts

Want to sell more than just wall art? Want to offer print credits or discounts on-the-fly? Awesome, you're going to love this video...


Test Orders and the Order Download Zip File

Just want to try things out, but don't want your test orders to impact your sales stats? Wondering what you need to do after you get a sale through Swift Galleries? This video will show you everything you need to know. And probably a little more.


So there you have it... the top features we get "Whaaaaaa???? I had no idea you could do that!"

Have another feature that blew your mind when you figured it out? Let me know in the comments!

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Review by Erin Smagala

Erin Smagala is a full-time high school senior portrait photographer in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has been nationally published by Natural Child World Magazine, Inside the Locker, Seniorologie, Senior Style Guide, and On To Baby.

Check out Erin's work at erinsmagala.com.

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